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We have completed our journey across the United States. We cycled from San Diego to Jacksonville, FL for Joe! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who got involved with our project. It has been truly amazing.

We also would like to announce that Al Melvin from Milton, FL has been selected to be our proud recipient of Amanda's donated TerraTrike Tour II Elite and BOB trailer.

Al was a cobra helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and has been dealing with the after-effects of war ever since. Al is a touring cyclist who has lower back issues (fused vertebrae) and is planning a fundraising event and cycling tour for veterans with the trike that we donated. It is our honor and privilege to donate to such a deserving individual!

TerraTrike Tour II

We are a non-profit organization, founded to raise money for veterans' support agencies in the honor of our fallen brother, CPL. Joseph A. VanDreumel.

We will be putting together a documentary following the efforts of James and Amanda Chenoweth, as they completed a bicycle tour from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL from October 5th to December 22nd, 2012. Money raised from that tour went to organizations similar to, and including, The Wounded Warrior Project and Project Red, White and Blue. James and Amanda also highly suggested to the people they met along the way that they make direct financial donations to the veteran-related charities of their choice.

If you were inspired by Joe's Legacy Tour to make a contribution to a veteran-related charity, please share your story with us by e-mailing James Chenoweth at or by posting it to the Joe's Legacy Tour Facebook Page.

Please check our eventsfor a list of past activities, which helped us to support our veterans!

Be sure to support these awesome primary sponsors of the tour: